Game Changer

Officer Jordan Vina is a #GameChanger

Officer Jordan Vina joins Game Changer, as a San Diego Police Department community member. Vina, a young San Diego police officer, describes the focus group as “very valuable”in this video clip.

Jordan Vina, San Diego Police Officer – Video Transcript:

“Being a younger officer, I think it was, very valuable coming to this (Game Changer Focus Group). Seeing the community’s view on things and also the older officers, our senior officers. The years that they have been on. What they’ve learned and what has developed them into who they are now, how they look at things. It was really cool, just sitting back. I did a lot of sitting back and listening to both sides of it. By doing that it helped make it clear to me, what I need to do that can bridge that gap. How I can do it. What would be the best ways. I thought it was very valuable and I am definitely going to recommend it to my teammates and other young officers on the police force.”

Visit the Game Changer YouTube page to watch additional footage of focus groups and testimonials from law enforcement and community members who have participated.

Are You A Game Changer?

Game Changer is a movement bringing together community members, law enforcement, judicial and legislative branches of government for moderated focus groups. Together we discuss community problems and devise solutions. Dinner and event tickets are provided. Pre and Post perception surveys are completed to generate data to be used to navigate toward change.

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