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Game Changer brings together community, law enforcement, members of the judicial and legislative branches of government for moderated focus groups. Once the focus group concludes, all participants enjoy a sporting event or entertainment event together for much needed quality time. Together for 3 hours we discuss community problems and devise[…]

San Diego Fox Sports TV Segments

  San Diego Fox Sports TV Game Changer Part 2 Embrace Founder, Sean Sheppard had seen enough unnecessary violence and loss of life between members of the community and those sworn to protect and serve the community.  Something needed to be done, not just said. “What I saw on the[…]

San Diego Charger Kassim Osgood is a #GameChanger

Former San Diego Charger and pro bowler Kassim Osgood joins Game Changer, as a community member, at a recent focus group. In this video Osgood describes why he no longer visits Coronado, California. Kassim Osgood, Community Member – Video Transcript “My teammate got shot by a guy that is still[…]

Terry Hoskins is a #GameChanger

San Diego police officer, Terry Hoskins, joins Game Changer as a law enforcement member. Hoskins discusses his experience participating in a Game Changer focus group. Terry Hoskins, Law Enforcement – Video Transcript: “Hi There, I’m Terry Hoskins.  I’m a police officer at the Mid City division. I’m a retired marine.[…]

San Diego Union Tribune: Making A Difference

MAKING A DIFFERENCE San Diegan seeks change through dialogue, sports KARLA PETERSON Sean Sheppard was sitting outside his neighborhood Starbucks when he saw it. Someone had scratched a swastika on surface of the metal cafe table where he was enjoying the sun and talking about his latest venture. And as[…]

Eddie Rivers (Community Member, Veteran) is a #GameChanger

Meet Eddie Rivers: Operation Desert Storm combat veteran (U.S. Army), Devry University graduate, former member of the homeless community. Eddie shares how 1 #GameChanger event affected his view on law enforcement. Visit the Game Changer YouTube page to watch additional footage of focus groups and testimonials from law enforcement and[…]

Eric Allen is a #GameChanger

Former NFL player, Eric Allen, joins Game Changer as a non-law enforcement member of the community. Allen is participating in a groundbreaking police/community relations focus group three hours before all participants attend The San Diego State University men’s basketball game. Eric Allen, Community Member – Video Transcript “Being a person[…]

Marcela Campo is a #GameChanger

  Marcela Campo, Community Member A University of San Diego graduate student shares how she now feels after spending time with law enforcement officers during a #GameChanger focus group. She happens to be Latina and she spent time talking with US Border Patrol agents and San Diego County Sheriff deputies.[…]

Ephraim Salaam is a #GameChanger

NFL player, Ephraim Salaam, joins Game Changer as a non-law enforcement member of the community. Salaam … Ephraim Salaam, Community Member – Video Transcript “The experience was great. To be able to sit in a room with that many different police officers from all different areas and just get their[…]

Officer Jordan Vina is a #GameChanger

Officer Jordan Vina joins Game Changer, as a San Diego Police Department community member. Vina, a young San Diego police officer, describes the focus group as “very valuable”in this video clip. Jordan Vina, San Diego Police Officer – Video Transcript: “Being a younger officer, I think it was, very valuable[…]