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San Diego Charger Kassim Osgood is a #GameChanger

Former San Diego Charger and pro bowler Kassim Osgood joins Game Changer, as a community member, at a recent focus group. In this video Osgood describes why he no longer visits Coronado, California.

Kassim Osgood, Community Member – Video Transcript

“My teammate got shot by a guy that is still working today in Coronado. I haven’t been to Coronado since that happened, but one time. Because I don’t feel comfortable. Yea, he was shot and the guy still works on the force. So, I don’t want to be anywhere near the guy. Because, I don’t know…maybe I do something, that pisses him off and he shoots someone else…and still keeps his job. Not to be angry. I mean, I’m not angry at him. I’m just…I don’t think he used his discretionary opinion properly. There’s a lot of us that feel the same way, a lot of former team mates. No one goes to Coronado anymore. It’s known “off limits,” just you don’t want to go there. I’m a law abiding citizen, I don’t do anything wrong. I don’t cause problems. I don’t create havoc wherever I’m at. But the fact that guy is still on the force…I’m not going to go to the beach in Coronado anymore, because he’s still there. The fact that no one has considered his mental health…or has been evaluated…I don’t know if he has or hasn’t…

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