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Marcela Campo is a #GameChanger


Marcela Campo, Community Member

A University of San Diego graduate student shares how she now feels after spending time with law enforcement officers during a #GameChanger focus group. She happens to be Latina and she spent time talking with US Border Patrol agents and San Diego County Sheriff deputies.

Visit the Game Changer YouTube page to watch additional footage of focus groups and testimonials from law enforcement and community members who have participated.

Are You A Game Changer?

Game Changer is a movement bringing together community members, law enforcement, judicial and legislative branches of government for moderated focus groups. Together we discuss community problems and devise solutions. Dinner and event tickets are provided. Pre and Post perception surveys are completed to generate data to be used to navigate toward change.

Be a part of the conversation, be a part of the solution. Contact Game Changer if you would like to make a donation, host an event or participate in a focus group.

Video Credits: Student