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Embrace Founder, Sean Sheppard had seen enough unnecessary violence and loss of life between members of the community and those sworn to protect and serve the community.  Something needed to be done, not just said.

“What I saw on the news and subsequent chatter on social media moved me. People along racial and socio-economic lines were dug in on their positions, but things are rarely as simple as black and white,” said Sheppard.

Sheppard began calling upon his life-long experiences of growing up in multi-ethnic environments, playing sports and coaching sports to create a model that utilized sports as a common denominator that would lead to consistent exposure and communication among lay people like it does among athletes, coaches.

“Most people in Columbus, Ohio are Buckeye fans, regardless of race, religion, gender identity or political affiliation,” said Sheppard, the former Director of Strength and Conditioning for Olympic Sports at The Ohio State University. “Why not start with something we have in common, something we can smile about together across the board?”

Sean was fortunate enough to have a relationship with San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman, who happens to be an Ohio State University alumnus and rabid Buckeye fan.

“She got it right away,” explained Sheppard. “She immediately understood how powerful sports can be when it comes to bringing people together. Her input and outreach to the San Diego Police Officers Association, and their subsequent input, helped create a model we all believe should be implemented nationally.”

Visit the Game Changer YouTube page to watch footage from focus groups and testimonials from law enforcement and community members who have participated.

Are You A Game Changer?

Game Changer is a movement bringing together community members, law enforcement, judicial and legislative branches of government for moderated focus groups. Together we discuss community problems and devise solutions. Dinner and event tickets are provided. Pre and Post perception surveys are completed to generate data to be used to navigate toward change.

Be a part of the conversation, be a part of the solution. Contact Game Changer if you would like to make a donation, host an event or participate in a focus group.