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Game Changer brings together community, law enforcement, members of the judicial and legislative branches of government for moderated focus groups. Once the focus group concludes, all participants enjoy a sporting event or entertainment event together for much needed quality time. Together for 3 hours we discuss community problems and devise[…]

San Diego Charger Kassim Osgood is a #GameChanger

Former San Diego Charger and pro bowler Kassim Osgood joins Game Changer, as a community member, at a recent focus group. In this video Osgood describes why he no longer visits Coronado, California. Kassim Osgood, Community Member – Video Transcript “My teammate got shot by a guy that is still[…]

Marcela Campo is a #GameChanger

  Marcela Campo, Community Member A University of San Diego graduate student shares how she now feels after spending time with law enforcement officers during a #GameChanger focus group. She happens to be Latina and she spent time talking with US Border Patrol agents and San Diego County Sheriff deputies.[…]

Officer Jordan Vina is a #GameChanger

Officer Jordan Vina joins Game Changer, as a San Diego Police Department community member. Vina, a young San Diego police officer, describes the focus group as “very valuable”in this video clip. Jordan Vina, San Diego Police Officer – Video Transcript: “Being a younger officer, I think it was, very valuable[…]