Game Changer

About Game Changer

Game Changer brings together community members, law enforcement, judicial and legislative branches of government for moderated focus groups. Together we discuss community problems and devise solutions. Dinner and event tickets are provided. Pre and Post perception surveys are completed to generate data to be used to navigate toward change.

The Game Changer model calls upon the NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, WNBA, NASCAR, UFC and major artists to allow for moderated focus groups (20-30 per month in each city) to occur at their arena, 3 hours before game, competition or concert time. The moderated focus groups allow members of the community, members of law enforcement, elected officials and members of the judicial system to discuss the issues that exist between and among them.  The time is designed to give everyone in attendance the opportunity to be heard and listened to in a safe space.  The focus groups are meant to educate, generate data on perspectives and changes in perspective with an end goal of bringing about changes in behavior, policy and law.

Participants  (13 years old and up) from all walks of life are selected through a process that runs through local elected officials and the police department.  In order to participate as a member of the community, one must go through their local elected official or police department.  (Exceptions are made for local college athletes, professional athletes and professional entertainers.)

Once each focus group concludes, all participants adjourn to take in the sporting/entertainment event together in order to spend much needed social/human bonding time together, time that is routinely absent from a typical citizen or police officer’s life routine.  Game time is meant to allow for the participants to see each other in a human light, as members of one team routing for a common denominator: the home team.


Game Changer Focus Group Topics Include

  •        Race relations
  •        Mental health
  •        War on drugs
  •        Respect
  •        Judicial system/indictments
  •        Internal investigations
  •        Misconceptions
  •        Positive and negative experiences
  •        Personal action steps


Are You A Game Changer?

Be a part of the conversation, be a part of the solution. Contact Game Changer if you would like to make a donation, host an event or participate in a focus group.